Pots & Prints Yvonne Inguz & Kiana Thompson - 20 Sept until Mon 9 Oct

Joint exhibition by Yvonne Inguz and Kiana Thompson, are both active artists at Central Craft and members of the 2023 Committee of Management.

This Pop Up exhibition is what Central Craft is all about, two artists, connecting through our shared studio space, working in different media, interacting and engaging with each others work.

Kiana's body of work comprises a range of lino and intaglio (dry point) prints. Yvonne has made slip cast porcelain vessels  decorated with underglaze and slip trailing. These ceramics works or 'doodles in clay' as Yvonne likes to call them are a direct response to Kiana's mainly black and white prints.



Yvonne is a local member of Central Craft. She works mainly in clay but loves to explore different materials.

Born in the UK she arrived with her family to Australia in 1987 and has spent most of her working life as a midwife.  She has always loved the outdoors and is in awe of landscapes which get under your skin.

From collecting clay on the way home from school to eventually gaining a Diploma of Art and Applied Design in Adelaide she eventually scored a second-hand wheel and kiln in her early 30’s.

Making primarily for friends and family when on leave from remote work she has only recently (with a bit of a push) ventured out to show some of her work.

Her love of landscapes can sometimes be seen, but not always.  Her preference is to try different things, the application of newly developed glazes or a trial-and-error approach to surface decoration. 

This exhibition was created whilst she was undertaking a unit of mould making and porcelain slip casting at CDU.  Having mixed her own untrialled slip and not knowing how any of the forms would turn out she figured she would show them anyway.  At the time of writing the kiln Gods had not yet had their fun and there were no backups.  She is extremely grateful that the exhibition was also displaying some lovely prints.

Life of a person who plays with clay.



Kiana is a local member of Central Craft.

She has been captivated with printmaking as of late but loves all things creative, and to explore all that's possible with different mediums. 

She was born and raised in Alaska and moved to Ohio, United States, after meeting her husband. They along with their four sons moved to Alice Springs in 2022. 

She has been fascinated by Australia since arriving and has thoroughly enjoyed exploring the uniqueness of it. This body of work reflects that inspiration from the landscapes, to the animals, flowers and plants. 

She originally expected her focus to be in clay at Central Craft. Although after taking a printmaking workshop last christmas has been running full force into printmaking and exploring all that this medium has to offer. 

This is Kiana’s first exhibition and she is grateful for the support of family and friends to make this happen as she pursues her love of art. 

Kiana is excited and honored to be showing with Yvonne, who has such beautiful pots that compliment the prints so well.