Collection: Contours & Colours - Pam Mills Exhibition

Images of Shark Bay by Alice Springs photographer Pamela Mills

Opening Thursday 13 July 6pm 2023

Aerial photography provides a bird’s eye view of our landscape – at once dramatic, patterned, vibrant, subtle. This exhibition comprises aerial photographs of Shark Bay in Western Australia. Taken in 2022 and 2023, these images show the diversity of these vast areas of land and water.

This collection of photographic images focus on the diverse colours and contours of Shark Bay. Shark Bay is a World Heritage Site in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. The 23,000 square kilometre area is located approximately 800 kilometres north of Perth, on the western most point of the Australian continent. (Wikipedia)

Shark Bay has three exceptional natural features: massive sea-grass beds, its dugong population and its stromalites (colonies of algae which form hard, dome-shaped deposits and are among the oldest forms of life on earth). (UNESCO World Heritage Convention)

From the air, Shark Bay’s red sands, white bays and turquoise blue waters blend to form exquisite combinations of colours and contours.

About the Photographer:

Photography has been a continuous creative thread throughoutPamela’s life. Beginning with an automatic camera with flash lightbulb holder (lightbulbs for flash – remember those??!!), her photography evolved through black and white film, to 35mm colour negatives, back to B&W and medium format in the darkroom and finally into the digital age. Her images reflect her passion for the natural world – landscape and wildlife. She has photographed in the 45 degree heat of India, the minus 36 degree chill of Swedish Lapland, the wilds of Patagonia, amongst the intense wildlife of Galapagos, in the mid-winter snow and ice ofJapan and surrounded by the history and culture of Europe. In recent years, she’s particularly enjoyed aerial photography from a doors-off, single engine aircraft and experiencing the 2G force of a tight orbit.

Her photography skills have evolved and grown from hours of learning from many photographers. In particular, she would like to acknowledge and thank Peter Eastway, David Evans, Tony Hewitt and Tom Putt for their gifts of teaching, sharing and encouragement. Images printed by David Haddy.