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Kiln Firing

Kiln Firing

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Bisque and glaze - $5 per kg members for a single firing,  weighed after firing, 

Priced in in .5kg increments  (min $2.50) 

  • 500g or less =$2.50,
  • 1kg or less =$5,
  • 1.5kg or less =$7.50,
  • 2kg or less =$10,
  • 2.5kg or less =$12.50,
  • 3kg or less = $15) an so on
  • Full kiln $150

Prices doubles for non-members - $10 per kg  / full kiln $300

Jewellery and small items requiring extra time - $30 per kg members / $60 per kg non-members for (please provide high fire wire and stand)

Please fill out this Firing Service form when you drop off your wares. 

Weigh before collecting your wares and pay on-line or in store.

No boxes to be left at Central Craft while works are awaiting firing thank you

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