Materials List - Watercolour Workshop

Materials you will need for Watercolour landscape and figure painting

Paints, brushes, paper, a palette, H B pencil, rubber, and masking tape.


From Mad Harrys,

A3 size watercolour paper 300 gsm  $17.00.

A set of watercolour paints, $9.00.

A large curved palette $ 5.00.


From Chapman and Bailey in Hele crescent;

A 25mm hake brush $ 10.45. A No 8 or 10 watercolour brush, $ 10.43 and $ 13.63.

A No 3 or 4 rigger brush, not sure of price.  You will receive a 10% discount if you say that you are in my class from Chapman and Bailey.

Mad Harrys does not have good watercolour brushes.

Check out Jacksons drawing supplies to compare prices and availability.

Bring along any  watercolour  materials or supplies you have.