Multi-modal sculpture piece featuring black, fabric-like wire netting and white things to signify plankton

J9 Stanton

Since 2004 J9 has been working with Yarrenyty Arltere artists at Larapinta Valley, originally as an arts trainer and then facilitator. She has been integral in developing the niche practice of soft sculpture that has matured into a sustainable social enterprise for members of that community. J9 continues to develop her own work while maintaining her investment in the success of local Aboriginal artists. She has worked on both Wide Opens Space and the Alice Desert Festival for many years and has had numerous public and community art commissions in the central desert region. J9 has been a receiver of The Lofty Award, The Advocate Art Award and has been a two-time winner of the Wearable Art Award. Her work has been twice selected for the Alice Prize and has been collected by Araluen and Deakin University and other private collectors. J9’s current work explores a merging of 2d and 3d practices creating wall art that welds sculpture to painting as well as drawing with sculpture. In an abstract 2/3-dimensional format, she is focusing on the spirituality and deep ecology in relation to the effects of climate change on land and sea scape. She feels it is important to use her art to convey ideas of beauty, illumination, and sustainability. J9 hopes to continue developing and strengthening her arts practice and aspires to show her work interstate in the future.

Image Phytoplankton shifting - Michael Walters


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