Clay Group

Central Craft Clay Group is a drop-in studio group only and is subject to the availability of regular members, however, we are interested in setting up a day and evening session with feedback from anyone who is interested.

A group of like-minded people get together and play and experiment with clay. This group is designed for people who want to learn about clay at their own pace. People can come with no prior knowledge or be well versed in using clay. This is not a structured workshop, but a shared learning environment, we do give advice if needed. It is a place where people can come and learn in comfort without worrying. This group is free for Central Craft members, there is a casual fee of $20 for non-members. You can use all items in the clay area; this includes using wheels, slab rollers and tools but does not include consumables such as clay, glaze, and kiln firing. Your items can be dried, fired, and glazed if required - see fee structure below.

We have some communal use materials including:

·         pigments, stains, and coloured slips for surface decoration Cost $2-$5 per piece

·         a broad-spectrum temperature clear glaze and mid-fired glazes Cost $5 -$10 per piece

·         reclaimed clay - white and red - $7 per log

·         co-op materials store for purchasing materials - see container for details

When using these materials please put the details of what you have used on your firing slips as a fee is added to cover the costs of the materials.

Costs:  Free Admission - Members  $20 Admission – Non-Members  $10 Minimum - $80 Full Kiln Bisque & Glaze