A Bush Christmas News

Sat, 1 Aug 2020

A Bush  Christmas News August 2020

We are continuing to receive knitted and crochet squares for our giant tree project.  Thank you to all those people who have participated in one way or another.  If you could drop your squares off to Central Craft into the clear box just inside the door at the retail shop that would be appreciated.

A big thank you to Linda Rendell who has felted more amazing cakes and fruit for our party scene in our next exhibition.

It has certainly been a different year for all of us.  Since we started this project in May we have had members who have lost loved ones and some people have been very ill.  Our thoughts go out to you. On a positive note our group has made new contacts with members of the Alice Springs community. 

Our next task is to knit bunting to decorate the verandah at our 2020 exhibition.  We have a simple pattern and intend to use our fuzzy yarn.  If you can help call into Central Craft and collect some yarn and a pattern which will be placed in the clear box in the retail shop.

Keep Safe,

A Bush Christmas Group

Marilyn, Jude, Amelia

contact:-  amissen@westnet.com.au