Central Craft provides a range of spaces and items for hire.
Please contact directors@centralcraft.org.au for more information or to be invoiced for any materials or services. 

Click on the links to be taken to pages or documents for more information. We're working hard to improve the services and hope to offer online payment in the near future. 


General           $85/year 

Concession      $60/year 

Family             $160/year 

Organisation   $220/year this membership is invoiced, T&C apply 

Membership provides:

  • Access to Central Craft studio space, 10am-4pm Monday to Friday
  • Access Central Craft skills development courses
  • Discounted rates on certain materials sold through the shop
  • Access to Central Craft library
  • Ability to sell work in the Central Craft shop
  • Access to special interest groups
  • Access to Central Craft equipment – fees may apply
  • Ability to link websites to Central Craft’s site
  • Access to studio tenancy – fees apply
  • Out of hours access to Central Craft studio space – conditions fees apply
  • Discount on exhibition space at the June Marriott Gallery

If you have a friend visiting from interstate or overseas you can invite them for a casual visit for non-members: $20

Out of Hours Access:

Members may apply for out of hours access (7am-11pm) to be provided with a security key/fob. 

One-time deposit for the security key: $50 - only available by appointment.

Access fee for fob holders: non-refundable maintenance fee: $25 this fee can be paid online on the membership page. 

Studio Tenants have this $25 incorporated into their fees; a $50 deposit is still required.

To gain access you must complete an in-person tour of the studio during office hours, contact staff to arrange this.

Equipment Use:

Central Craft has a wide range of equipment available for use. Some equipment requires prior knowledge or may need to be requested from storage. If there is something you’d like to access it is preferable to contact staff in writing to confirm the availability of tools and equipment.

Kiln deposit:                                                 $10/kg

Test kiln:                                                      $40/firing

Bisque Earthenware & Stoneware full kiln:     $80/$160/firing for members/non-members

Glass full kiln:                                               $80/$160/firing for members/non-members

Only approved users can operate the kilns, contact the office for further information.

Studio Tenancy:

Central Craft has a number of studio tenancy spaces, placement is subject to availability. 

Rental is $110/month for a full space

              $80/month for a half-space

$50 deposit is still required; however, Studio Tenants have the ongoing $25 p/a fee incorporated into costs.

Studio Hire:

Members may also hire studio space to hold a workshop or series of workshops independent of Central Craft:

Members/NFP groups:

Rental is $80 for a full day – 6 hours

Rental is $40 for a half-day – 3 hours 

For-Profit / Govt groups & organisations:

            Rental is $200 for a full day – 6 hours

            Rental is $100 for a half-day – 3 hours 

Casual visit for non-members: $20

June Marriott Gallery Exhibition Program:

We provide:

·         Digital promotion of exhibition through our website, social media platforms, e-newsletter, and other online resources

·         Supply of all necessary invitation logos and assistance with design 

·         Coordination of artwork sales on opening night and duration of the exhibition during gallery and shop hours (Mon-Fri 10am to 2pm)

·         Plinths, hanging system and catalogue list

Cost: Gallery Hire Member $80 per week

Gallery Hire Non-Member $160 per week

Insurance $15 per week Cost of printing invitations 

35% commission fee on sales


Three weeks (excluding bump-in and out). 

Length of the exhibition and preferred dates – please note available calendar dates will be subject to change and confirmation comes with the signing of our Terms and Conditions.

Apply: Central Craft welcomes proposals from Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists, groups, curators and community organisations. If you require any assistance in your application, please email directors@centralcraft.org.au or call us on 08 8952 4417.   

Application form

The June Marriott Gallery floor plan

Selection Process: Central Craft is a not-for-profit Members organisation based in Alice Springs that supports and promotes traditional and contemporary craft and design practice in Central Australia. Our aim is to:

·         build the visibility of contemporary craft and design from the Northern Territory

·         exhibit high-quality craft and design to local, regional and international audiences

·         engage and educate individuals and groups in craft and design practice

·         improve the viability of emerging and professional craft and design practitioners

·         build strong cross-cultural partnerships to create opportunities for innovation in craft and design practice

·         enhance the reputation of the Northern Territory as a significant centre for contemporary craft and design


Contribution towards materials used (glaze, thread, paint, tea or coffee etc): $5

Recycled clay log - please check availability before purchase: $7

Craft Sellers insurance valid for one year: $30


This program aims to encourage and foster collaboration with the Alice Springs art and craft community.  The residency fee is $250/month - this is invoiced. 

Special Interest Groups: $2/session

Lace and Spinning Group – 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month - $2/session

Open Art - Mondays 10am – 1pm - $2/session

Mixed Crafts – 1st and 3rd Saturdays - $2/session

Central Australia Gem & Minerals Club – Wednesdays 7.30pm (own fee structure)

Interest group fees can be paid directly through the shop, donation box or invoiced upon request.