Beanie Festival Workshops

Saturday 19th June 

Eco Printing  Workshop with Julie Millerick 10am - 2pm 

Tuesday 22nd June 

 Eco Printing 1 with Julie Millerick 10-2pm

Wednesday 23rd June 
Felt Hat Creation with Margy Alexander 10am - 4pm

Thursday 24th June 

Collecting and Connecting Cyanotype Masterclass with Aly de Groot 10am - 3pm

Friday 25th June 

Weave the Seasons with Janis Morgan, Robyn Adams, Lynne Harlow 10am -12pm

Wish Upon a Jelly Fish with Aly de Groot 9am -12pm

Rag Rug with Weaving Sticks with Cathy Tobin 1pm-4 pm

Trashion Upcycled Earrings with Aly de Groot 1pm-4pm

Indigo Splash with Margy Alexander 1pm-4pm

Saturday 26th June

Nuno Felt Scarf with Margy Alexander 9am -12pm

Introduction to Cyanotype with Aly de Groot 9am-12pm

Weave a Beanie with Anne Stewart 9am-12pm

Rag Rug with Weaving Sticks  with Cathy Tobin 9am-12pm

Mending- Visible and invisible with Marg Alexander 1pm-4pm

Boro with Anne Stewart 1 - 4pm

Bookmaking workshop with Anne Davies 1 - 4pm 

Sunday 27th June 

Sashiko on Jeans with Anne Stewart 9am-12pm

Burlesque Basketry with Aly de Groot 9am-12pm

Botanical Dyeing with Margy Alexander 9am-12pm

Monday 28th June

Resist Stitching and Indigo Dip with Margy Alexander 10am-2pm

Tuesday 29th June

Fabric Woven Bag with Cathy Tobin 10am-3pm