SOLASTALGIA That’s the Malady that Afflicts Me

Fri, 22 Apr 2022

Ceramic works by Ness Sim

Opening night 6pm Friday 22 April

Exhibition 19 April - 1 May 2022

June Marriott Gallery, Central Craft 61 Larapinta Drive, Araluen.

Solastalgia is the state of grief and anxiety provoked by environmental change, particularly climate change. I have solastalgia, it’s the sadness that springs unrelentingly from my hands and my mind when working with clay. Maybe you have it too? 

Climate crisis is not only the future, it’s here and we’re living it now. These works are an exploration of sites of encounter with climate change as they already exist in my life. Welcome to my personal apocalypse.

Working with clay – a literal parcel of elastic earth (extracted) - is a cathartic practice that has allowed me to navigate my grief for places lost and disappearing and locate responsibility for this wreckage with some of its greatest architects. I use objects collected from sites of climate crisis - coral skeletons from bleached reefs, debris from bush-fired forests, clay from dry and cracking water catchments, coal from a city shaped by fossil fuel extraction – to craft ceramic works with a material connection to place.