Julianna Bednarowicz Exhibition

Fri, 5 Apr 2019

Join us on Friday 5th of April from 6pm for the opening of Sisterhood, Reawakening and Central Australian Landscapes. An exhibition of paintings by Julianna Bednarowicz. This exhibition will run until the 21st of April. 

I pain to bring joy and happiness to others. In my art I try to come close to Nature's roots - in all its manifestations. A few months back I visited an island well known for its spirituality and mystery - Bali. We were invited, with a magical group of women friends, to experience and to enjoy this magical place. All of use wore flowery wreath on our heads; we banished any negative conversations and only welcomed positive thoughts. Then, we were hugging and talking to sacred trees - I suggested you might like to try to perform the same ritual. When you wear a wreath a wreath of flowers and talk to ancient trees let your and spirituality be awakened. Dance to any Nature's tunes, smile to yourself and smile to others. - Julianna Bednarowicz