2020 SGM Tuesday the 5th of May at 10.40am

Tue, 5 May 2020

Central Craft will be holding a Special General Meeting to adopt the new constitution as presented to the membership. 
The meeting will take place at 10.40am on Tuesday the 5th of May, immediately prior the AGM.  
Meeting place: 61 Larapinta Drive Araluen with staff members and selected committee representatives in attendance only.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings the meeting will be held via Zoom for general members. 

Please find attached 2 documents: 

•         Current Constitution (2012) 

•         Proposed Constitution (2020)

The business of the Special General Meeting shall be:

1.   Welcome and approval of register of meeting attendees eligible to vote, proxies and apologies.

2.   Resolution to adopt a new constitution as presented to the membership.

3.   Closure of the meeting.

Primary changes: Part 2 - 5.Powers of Association Part 3 - Division 1  9.Application of membership 10.Annual membership fees Division 2 - 12.Membership types details removed to become policy.  Division 3 -  18.Appeals Part 4, Division 1 - 20.Committee positions Part 4, Division 2 - 22.Eligibility of Committee members  24.Committee terms 27.Vacating office Division 3 - 32.Secretary Part 6 - 41.Special General Meetings 42.Annual General Meeting 43.Special Resolutions 45.Quorum at General Meetings 48.Proxies Part 7 - 50.Funds and accounts Part 8 - 52.Grievance and disputes
Memberships must be current as of the 30thof April 2020 to be eligible to vote https://centralcraft.org.au/me... 
1 vote per membership.

Should you wish to discuss the proposed changes please contact directors@centralcraft.org.au