Henry Smith- Character and Chemistry: A portrait of community

Fri, 25 Oct 2019

Character and Chemistry: A portrait of community.

Faces, there are many but each one is unique. In creating a portrait I’m interested in the challenge that it presents to find an expression, a likeness, a feeling, of that uniqueness.

In this present exhibition I’ve chosen to paint portraits of friends, acquaintances, people whose face I find interesting, and people who have a public face that stand for important causes.

Each person’s finished painting is an interplay of paint, personality, and the chemistry between artist and sitter.

As co-creator of the individual portrait, each sitter has made comment on the process of having their portrait painted which will be included in the exhibition. 


25th October - 10th November

Opening Friday October 25th 6pm

Artist talk Sunday 27th 1 - 2pm

June Marriott Gallery, Central Craft 61 Larapinta Drive Araluen