Doing Being Becoming and Belonging

Thu, 6 Oct 2022

Doing Being Becoming and Belonging

Opening night 6pm Thursday 6th October 

Exhibition October 6th - 30th October 2022 

The title of this exhibition reflects the four components of the Occupational Model of Health originally developed by occupational science and therapy scholar, Dr Ann Wilcock. These components encompass the many ways in which we engage with our community, our environment and ourselves, and how we give meaning and purpose to our life.  This framework has informed Heather’s occupational therapy practice for many years. 

The works reflect previous themes of Heather’s everyday experience and explore the sacred nature of inner space, domestic space, and the natural landscape.  They honour the mundane activities and spaces of domestic life and reflect the sacred nature and meditative qualities of both the natural and built landscape here in Central Australia and in other parts of Australia.

The Exhibition explores these themes through paintings, including a number of self-portraits, other 2D images and handmade objects.  

An exhibition by Heather Jensen