Artist's Talk with Sarra Tzijan

Sun, 22 May 2022

Join us for Artist's Talk with Sarra Tzijan.

Sunday 22 May 11.00am at the studio - Free.

My practice has a foundation in metalwork, looking at the re-interpretation of ancient manual processes in the modern world. Physically I make functional, sculptural and wearable objects that play with the intersections of art, craft and design, highlighting their boundaries and limitations. My work looks at belonging, cultural displacement and colonisation. I encourage the influence of others and acknowledge their important role in the outcome of my work.

While at Central Craft, I’m researching adornment in Indigenous culture, looking at the intrinsic link between land, people and objects. I’m interested in ‘traditional’ materials used in jewellery and ceremonial objects and in what ways the objects are an expression of identity, place and culture.

I use materials that are available in my immediate environment, for reasons of process and personal relationships. For this body of work, I’ve collected metal from discarded vehicles in remote parts of Australia. The other material I’m using is clay and I’ll be drawing on Central Craft’s large community of ceramicists to inform and develop this part of my work. I’m particularly intrigued by the integration of clay with silver and copper as a way of texturising and decorating. Since being here, I’ve become fascinated by ‘the bead’ and beading as a process, which has led me to experiment with beadworking techniques using electrical wiring and other found materials.

As the inclusion of other hands and voices is integral to the outcome of my work, the finished pieces will be somewhat shaped by Central Craft’s community.

Sarra Tzijan