Artist Talk with Niccy Pallant (STUDIO XXVI)

Tue, 26 Jul 2022

Artist Talk Tuesday, July 26th 5:30pm at Central Craft Studio (entry via Memorial Drive). Free entry.

Niccy Pallant (STUDIO XXVI)

I consider myself an Artisan like my Grandmother and Father. My practice has craft at its core. I am honoured to call myself a craftswoman. I am fascinated with carving, crafting, stamping, denting, pattern, texture and printmaking.  I love experimenting with new media, particularly for its capacity to bring out spontaneity and to delve into risk. Currently, it's rusty wire and capturing metaphors about twisted family relationships and grief. My printmaking on ceramics work captures the significance of place and time. 

I have been significantly influenced by an International Group Residency in Tetouan in Morocco’s North in 2017 and ongoing explorations of Islamic art, sacred geometry, leather embossing, bookbinding, and plaster carving with their Master Craftsmen over the last 3 years.

An example of my work would be ‘Book of Prints’ which is 30 pages of printed and embossed paper in bound, embossed and crafted leather, my 'Very Local Bouquet' relief prints and my most recent work - a large relief print triptych exploring 'Memento Mori' - 'life is to embrace the reality of death to be exhibited for SALA (South Australian Living Artist Festival) in August in Adelaide.

After nearly 30 yrs of working as an Arts Educator in South Australian Public Schools and overseas, I have been able to pursue a lifelong dream to work as an Artist. I have toured South Australian schools with large Visual Arts events and consider my work as Artist in Residence in Schools as an integral part of my practice. I am a registered teacher.

I run a very personalised Art business from my beautiful backyard studio in Forestville, Adelaide (near the showgrounds) but love taking the craft of creativity to the bush. I teach Printmaking (Relief printing, Cyanotype & stamp making) and Pottery (Handbuilding, Coil Pots and Slab forms), Bookbinding, Leathercraft & Sumi-E Black ink Painting.

I exhibit twice a year with an Artist Collective called ‘Duck n Weave’. The Duck n Weave Artist Collective also runs a year-long mentorship program for Artists called ‘Creative Exchange’. 

I am a resident Visual Artist at The House of Creative Learning in Port Lincoln in regional South Australia and curate at two Adelaide cafe Galleries.

I am so inspired and informed by the energy of community - this one included already. My Residency Proposal is to respond to this significant space and place. I would love to share my reflections on this experience with you.