About Us

Central Craft offers workshops and other free activities that enrich lives and encourages community participation and social inclusion. People from all walks of life including people from non-English speaking backgrounds, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, people with mental illness, and older people are welcomed at Central Craft and encouraged to learn new skills and form friendships and connections to keep them engaged in our community.

Central Craft strengthens our community by providing opportunities for learning, creative expression and social networking. It supports emerging practitioners through to established artisans working in disciplines such as ceramics, lapidary, jewellery making, leather craft, woodwork, painting, basketry, weaving, spinning, lacemaking, felt making, knitting, screen printing, silk painting, surface decoration, fabric manipulation, embroidery, fashion design and construction.

As a member based organisation, Central Craft aims to:

  • build the visibility of contemporary craft and design from the Northern Territory
  • exhibit high quality craft and design to local, regional and international audiences
  • engage and educate individuals and groups in craft and design practice
  • improve the viability of emerging and professional craft and design practitioners
  • build strong cross-cultural partnerships to create opportunities for innovation in craft and design practice
  • enhance the reputation of the Northern Territory as a significant centre for contemporary craft and design

Our Board

Central Craft 2018 - 2019 Committee

The Central Craft AGM was held on the 29th May 2018, with the following members being elected to the Central Craft Committee:

- ChairpersonAmee Porter
- Vice ChairpersonNicole Haverfield
- SecretaryJules North
- TreasurerPam Collier
- Public OfficerBev Ellis
General Members:Lisa Scarfe 
Lucy Stewart-Kenneth  
Ambrosia Jones 
Bill Palmer